Building an empowered future, the need to catch them Young.

Thursday, 30 June, the quiet city of Bende, in Bende Local government area was agog with joyful students- beneficiaries of the Ijiriji foundation bursary scheme- and their parents. The Catch Them Young Train of Ijiriji Foundation powered by Hon. Emmanuel Chinedum Ndubuisi was in Bende to distribute bursary funds to over 66 students and educational materials companied with palm seedlings to over 350 others. In his speech, Hon. Ndubuisi exhorted the students to be the best, stating that regardless of their indigent backgrounds, the journey to the peak remains easy when they’re determined and focused. He furthered reiterated that he is a representative of all Bende South and shall continue to do his best for the well being of ndi ikwuishi. The catch them young of the Ijiriji foundation has over the years confined to empower, pupils and students across the Schools and communities of Bende South. In line with its aims and vision, Catch Them Young Club continues to empower the young for a better tomorrow.

Ijiriji brings the best.

Ijiriji daa ala ajuo oyi

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